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Social Jukebox Experiment

August 2011

Note: work in progress (offline)

Try it out: link

Download: https://github.com/bkz/social-jukebox

A shared musical experience, everybody is the DJ, adding and skipping songs on the go.


The backend currrently compresses the audio stream as MP3 which limits browser support to Chrome/IE9/Safari. Firefox only supports Ogg/Vorbis which isn't suitable for our needs (requires us to transmit metadata frames manually since the format isn't designed for streaming).

Ogg/Vorbis is also not supported by Flash which in practice is the best audio streaming technology available across all browsers and platforms.

HTML5 audio support is completely broken for our needs, don't even bother. For the the adventurous amongst you who want to give it a go anyway, the MP3 stream is only a right click away :)